#193 – The Importance of Being Enthusiastic

Last week I wrote about followers, and their important role in the dynamics of leadership. Today’s topic is a continuation of that theme, with the focus on a particular quality that distinguishes exceptional followers. That quality is enthusiasm. More than simply acquiescing to a leader’s direction, an enthusiastic follower demonstrates eager willingness and cooperation. These individuals are a boon to any leader fortunate enough to have them. When I see enthusiastic followers in an organization, invariably I also find particularly capable leaders.

Food for Thought ~

It is my experience that most people are hungry for true leadership, good leadership, and are more than willing to follow leaders they respect and trust. When there are healthy, strong connections between leaders and followers, with mutual good will and good communication, a foundation of integrity and shared values, and a commitment to a common goal, greatness is possible. Enthusiastic leaders inspire enthusiastic followers.

Question for the day ~

How enthusiastic are you as a leader? Do you have enthusiastic followers? What can you do to increase your own enthusiasm for your work and to create a workplace that engenders people’s enthusiasm?

A Footnote ~

For my literary readers, yes, today’s title is a takeoff on the name of a famous play by Oscar Wilde called The Importance of Being Earnest, first performed in London in 1895, and a staple of community theaters ever since.