#197 – How to Sustain Success

In my post a couple of weeks ago introducing my new article on 25 Universal Principles of Leadership, the phrase that summarizes the essence of that short essay is sustained achievement and success. And within that phrase, the operative word is “sustained.”

Food for Thought ~

We have all seen companies come and go; even what appear to be very successful enterprises can implode, wither, or otherwise fail. There are times when circumstances work against even the most diligent leaders, but there are also many times when organizations seem to lose their sense of discipline and direction. I admire the long-established, successful companies that I see, and I’ve observed that their leaders are able to maintain a steady and effective approach year after year. One of the hallmarks of these organizations is their continuous adherence to solid management and leadership practices. Yes, brilliance and innovation are delightful to behold and can be the stuff of great accomplishments. However, those talents must be skillfully managed and partnered with excellent leadership principles and practices in order for their potential to be realized. This is how organizations achieve sustained success.

Question for the day ~

How are you and your organization doing in your adherence to sound leadership and management principles? Where might you need to “get back to basics?”

A Footnote ~

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to read my article on the 25 Universal Principles of Leadership, please click here.