Decision-Making Processes

Last week’s story about my completely unexpected mule ride on a flooded hiking trail was rich with lessons for me – the main one being the gift of the unanticipated solution to a dilemma. This happens in the workplace as well. I have learned to be open to the possibility of a solution “appearing” out of a sea of uncertainties. If we are rigorous and honest in gathering information, considering varying perspectives, and exploring creative alternatives with an open mind, we can often find a solution where we least expect it.

Food for Thought ~

Much of leadership is about leading decision-making processes for a group or organization. This requires having the wisdom, skill and self-discipline to conduct the decision-making process with integrity. I often say, “If the process has integrity, so will the results.” I have seen time and again, an unexpected, yet elegant solution “bubble up” from a healthy decision-making process.

Question of the day ~

Have you evaluated your decision-making processes lately? Do they nurture the conditions that encourage creative, effective solutions to your problems and dilemmas?