A Historical Leadership Lesson

279 years ago today was George Washington’s birthday. Now, most of us give only passing thought to the man who was our first President, but even a cursory review of his biography leads me to deeply appreciate him as a leader and wish that his influence was more widely felt. In selecting just one aspect of his leadership for our focus today, I have chosen his personal motto: “Deeds, not words.”

Food for Thought ~

Reportedly, he was a man of brevity in his speaking. From his motto, I would surmise that he believed in the maxim “Actions speak louder than words,” or today’s colloquialism, “Walk your talk.” Whatever version resonates with you, this advice is an essential reference point for good leadership. No matter how elegant or powerful, words will prove empty if a leader’s actions and deeds are not in congruence. Without congruity, credibility is suspect. Without credibility…

Question of the day ~

Are you mindful of these maxims in your role as a leader? Are you rigorously honest with yourself about what you do and what you say? Do you have a personal motto?