#186 – A Strategic Mindset

Fresh from a planning session with a client, I am reminded of the powerful impact that a strategic mindset can have on a company. As a leader, when you think and act strategically, you are leading with intention. When you lead and manage with intention, you make conscious choices about the direction you want to go, the goals that are important to you, the best allocation of your resources, and the most effective and intelligent strategies that will get you where you want to go.

Food for Thought ~

There’s a wonderful adage that goes, “You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust the sails.” This is a perfect metaphor for the value of planning. In my experience, time and resources are in shorter supply than the demands for them, so the only rational way to lead is by making a plan and then working your plan. Of course, you always need to allow for the possibility that the winds will blow from a different direction than you anticipated, but at least you are expecting the wind. From time to time, a dedicated, intensive planning process is a good idea, to ensure that you and your co-workers are thinking and talking about the most important strategic issues, not just the urgent ones.

Question for the day ~

Do you lead and manage with a strategic mindset? How might you expand your effectiveness as a strategic leader?