Being Proactive

One of the defining characteristics of good leaders is their predilection to be proactive. Being proactive means taking responsibility for looking forward to see what may need attention even though “the signals may be weak” at present. Over time, experienced leaders learn to read the weak signals and decipher their meaning. This is an extremely useful skill. By forecasting into the future, and then returning to the present, a leader can guide his or her organization in developing appropriate strategic responses and initiatives.

Food for Thought ~

As a leader, it’s critical to have the courage and clarity to look ahead and see what might be developing on the horizon, then take action accordingly. In other words, don’t let the press of immediacy obscure the importance of looking forward. Don’t wait for some unspecified “tomorrow.”

Question of the day ~

What future scenario forecasting have you done lately? What strategic decisions need to be made in order to move your company in the directions you desire and/or to avoid the circumstances you don’t desire?