#204 – Insightful Acknowledgement

This is the third in a series devoted to the different types of positive communication. A good leader uses all of these regularly and frequently. We started with encouragement, and then addressed appreciation. This week the theme is acknowledgement.

Food for Thought ~

This type of communication is somewhat more complicated and subtle than the previous two. It requires slowing down enough to look beneath the surface of a situation and see the underlying motivations. This requires awareness, empathy and insight on the part of the leader. Generally speaking, an acknowledgement recognizes a person’s values, their ethics, their principles. Regardless of the manifestation of those values, whether the outcome is success or failure, the motivation underlying the behavior is what deserves to be acknowledged. A thoughtful and accurate acknowledgement can be a very meaningful, perhaps even profound, way to honor and appreciate someone. When you have done this well, an insightful acknowledgement is a gift that will long be remembered.

Question for the day ~

Have you honed your skills at acknowledgement?

A Footnote ~

As with the two previous types of positive communication, it is very instructive to recall our own experiences in order to remember how important these seemingly simple communications can be. If you have been the recipient of an insightful acknowledgement, you hopefully recall its power and meaning. If not, you may be aware of a time when its absence was noteworthy.