#153 – Opportunities Abound for True Leadership

True leadership comes from a person’s actions, not their title or place on the organization chart. In my book, simply having power and authority does not constitute true leadership. Although the word leadership is a noun, it’s the action verbs that make it manifest. It’s what you do that makes you a leader. I include speaking as part of “doing,” and that calls forth the principle of walking your talk.

Food for Thought ~

With that premise, I believe true leadership can be demonstrated by anyone, at any time, anywhere, in any organization. (And even without an organization, although that’s generally more difficult.) Leadership is available to people who are willing to step forward, take responsibility, express important ideas, values, and aspirations, represent and give voice to others in the organization, and follow through with constructive actions. No matter your role, status, seniority, etc., you can become a leader by conducting yourself as a leader.

Question for the day ~

What opportunities exist for you to assume a leadership role? Does your conduct demonstrate true leadership?