The Perils of Worrying

The subject of worrying seemed to hit home. Here’s one of the insightful comments I received:

Having previously been an owner of an automotive repair shop, Blankenship Motors, an auto analogy came to mind. Anger is like heat, worry is like rust. If you worry too much, your car and motor will rust to un-usefulness and eventual breakage; if you get and stay angry very long, you’ll heat up and wear out, particularly your lubricating oil will fail and all your bearings will fail to turn.

Clark A. Blasdell, President and CEO, Northbay Family Homes, Novato,CA

Food for Thought ~

What a wonderful analogy – worrying induces rust. I like the car analogy for another reason – it reminds us that we are our own best resource and need to take good care of ourselves. Most of us maintain our cars to keep them running well, and yet we may neglect or even mistreat our primary resource, our own body/mind/spirit. Excessive worrying is an example of doing just that.

Question of the day ~

Have you developed good self-care habits? (If there’s room for improvement, don’t be too proud to get some help. That’s why there are auto mechanics.) What kind of help might you need?

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