Leader as Learner, Teacher, Coach

One of the implications of the servant leader concept is that the old model of “command and control” leadership is largely passe, except for special situations. Today’s leaders are not the same breed that dominated well into the 20th century. Current and future leaders must primarily be learners, teachers and coaches.

Food for Thought ~

The skills needed to be a learner, teacher and coach are commonly called “people skills” or Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as popularized by Daniel Goleman. As leaders, we first need to effectively manage ourselves, and secondarily, our relationships. Technical knowledge and abilities are often the entry fee, but it’s personal awareness and people skills that fuel the leadership trajectory.

Question of the day ~

How would you rate your skills as a teacher and coach? A perhaps more subtle assessment is required regarding our capacities for personal and interpersonal learning. How do you fare on that scale? (If we find that we are defensive when we receive criticism, we may be limiting our learning.)